Saturday, February 7, 2009

If a vampire can settle for a Volvo, so can I

My whole life I have dreamt of being behind the wheel of a beautiful luxury vehicle.
Ok not all my life...
When I was 18 I drove my uncles infiniti while I was watching his kids for the weekend.
From that moment on, I new that I was made to be in a luxury vehicle. It was then that I started to notice them on the road. I wouldn't (don't) pay attention to the traffic lights or pedestrians, I would be (am always) scanning the cars passing, in the opposed direction along with those in my near vicinity, picking out and fawning over the cars that I will one day have.

They are just so beautiful, even more in their old state.

Never noticed so much, except the appearance in School of Rock.

This is a very chique car. Luxury but not oldies driving down the road, hip one might say.

I would be in one of these with perfectly manicured nails, hair with no regrowth, perfect white teeth and a centurion american express in my wallet. (For those who call it the "black" american express, it is actually called the centurion by american express themselves.)

First thing on website: "starting at 49,999", and one day I will pay that just to have that cool jaguar (ja-goo-war) leaping off my hood.

Is amazing, I know first hand. (It drove so much easier than my pice ... ford that I stalled fourty times)

My heart truly lies here, within the confines of the blue and white.

The car I knew most little about, until I was coerced into reading a popular series, was the volvo. The one that had the least amount of space taken up in my heart: the volvo.
But now, it is the one that I occupy on a daily basis.
It doesn't have a jaguar jumping off the hood nor is it the heart throb of the audi but it is beautiful and I love it.

The Automatic windows, yes, they roll all the way down or up with just one touch of the button.

The View from the sun roof.

Been through a lot of bugs lately? well, with the volvo, you can squirt on some cleaner and wipe them right off with the turn of a dial.

Not only cruise control at the tip of my fingers, but the volume and the ability to skip.

Together we make a great couple. Chelsie and the S80 forever!!!! (Well, until I fall into riches and purchase on of the others listed above.)