Tuesday, December 22, 2009

minha fofinha

I have the most perfect niece in the world.


is the love of our lives. She has the whole family wrapped around her little finger.
There are between 9 and 10 people that live in our house and the smallest one knows that she runs the place. I think that is why she started walking a little early. I mean how can you be authoritative when you are crawling, she had to walk to be able to be in charge.

Well, no matter how bossy it is, she is still minha fofinha and I lover her so so so much.
She just turned 1 October 9th and proved that she not only is the queen of the place but also that she is the cutest and smartest thing in the world!

She thought she would like the strawberries but they were tart according to her facial expression!

She loved to show us what she got...