Tuesday, December 22, 2009

minha fofinha

I have the most perfect niece in the world.


is the love of our lives. She has the whole family wrapped around her little finger.
There are between 9 and 10 people that live in our house and the smallest one knows that she runs the place. I think that is why she started walking a little early. I mean how can you be authoritative when you are crawling, she had to walk to be able to be in charge.

Well, no matter how bossy it is, she is still minha fofinha and I lover her so so so much.
She just turned 1 October 9th and proved that she not only is the queen of the place but also that she is the cutest and smartest thing in the world!

She thought she would like the strawberries but they were tart according to her facial expression!

She loved to show us what she got...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I've gone green and red

Everything about the Christmas season makes me happy. As we know from a recent post.
So, I took it upon myself to decorate for Christmas. Yes, I know it has yet to pass halloween.
I have, however, decided that I am not a Halloween fan, I would much rather have three months of the Christmas season than one of Halloween and one of thanksgiving.

My motto isn't to just "go green" but to "go green and red!!!"

I have yet to put up the tree but there is a place awaiting the arival of the main focus. We have an old balding fake tree that we have used for 4ish years. Before that, we always had real trees. We have decided to go back to a real tree and infuse our house with the wonderful smell of fresh pine. This, however, is a feat since trees don't last too long. We have decided to get a tree from a nursery and plant it after Christmas but even a potted plant, will it survive the inside for that long?

Well, we shall just have to wait and see. But either way, I think I want to put tinsel on the tree. I always thought it was tacky, but I love how it looks in that picture of my childhood. I don't know though...?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Two of my favorite things

I love few things in this world.
The majority of the things on my love list are things that are unconditional, like my family. Anything else on the list, has had to make it through the thick barbed wire wall around my heart and has to work hard to stay in there.
Two of those things that have made it in and have never been kicked out....

Christmas Time


Cabbage Patch Dolls

Without a doubt, these two loves of mine could make me happy on the worst of days.
Why do I love these things? Let's look into this a little more...

Christmas time has many variables of happiness:
  • MUSIC- Constant Christmas music. For the most part Christmas music brings up Christ and his birth. I love the fact that living in the world we do, we can still hear about Christ as we drive to work and school. The few that don't mention Christ but focus on Santa are still happy because they stir up memories of a childhood that was so much more simple than "adult" life.
  • SMELL- There are so many smells that are equated with Christmas. First and foremost, the smell of a fresh pine tree (just pretending to breath it in makes me fill with happiness). Peppermint is readily abundant during the Christmas season; it is put in baked goods, Starbucks hot chocolate, my bath and body works hand soap, candles... Pumpkin spice in a pie or in scented candles makes me feel warm and tingly inside. I could go on and on...
  • CHIMES - the sound of giving and the official start of the season is when there are people standing out side the grocery store with a bell and a red hanging bucket collecting donations for the salvation army.
  • GIVING- I love finding things that are special and meaningful to give those I love. It is fun to think of something unique that my siblings will get a kick out of. I also love being able to help those who are struggling {When I was a junior in High school, I was in charge of getting the gifts for a family that we adopted for Christmas. My good friend Camille and I went shopping with the donated money and we picked out things that we thought each of the children would like and need. We then wrapped them and delivered them. That was one of the most gratifying moments of my life. To see the love that this family felt for those who were willing to extend a helping hand. The smiles on their faces were priceless.}
  • COLD - It never really gets cold here in Arizona, but for a full blood Arizonan who has never lived in a cooler climate, it is amazingly cold when it gets 50 degrees F out side. That is the one time of the year that I can use my cute coats, scarves, long sleeved shirts, and boots. (which consists of more than half of my wardrobe. You would think that since there are more summer months than winter ones, I would have more summer clothes, but alas I love my winter clothes!)

Cabbage patch dolls:
  • SMELL - I don't know why, but cabbage patch dolls have a distinct aroma that fills my soul with happiness.
  • CUTENESS - just look at that doll, how cute is that.
  • NOSTALGIA - I always had one of these as a child. {except for the brief period that one got its head ran over. Michael, my older brother, sneakily took my doll and put it under the tire of my dad's parked car. The next time my dad left, he ran over the poor things head. Thanks Michael!}
So, needless to say, if any one or anything wants to get into my heart they have to equal up to Christmas and cabbage patch dolls.

Friday, September 4, 2009


"The only conclusion I have ever reached is that I love all trees, but I am in love with pines" (Leopold, Aldo. A Sand County Almanac. 70.)

I am in an environmental ethics class and I am reading this book about Leopold's views of nature.
I give credit to the man for being so charismatic about a subject. He uses the name of a plant as a proper noun. And the extensive knowledge Leopold has on the history of inhumane treatment of plants is amazing. I don't know how he found the time to research all of the stuff he talks about. It is interesting though.

However, when I came across the above mentioned quote, I realized that Leopold has never seen a palo verde tree. If he had his statement would have been more like "The only conclusion I have ever reached is that I love all trees (with the obvious exception of palo verde trees{which shouldn't even be considered a tree in the first place}), but I am in love with pines."

Isn't this thing just an eye sore? And here they put them everywhere. They must be cheep because whenever they redo a road or put in a new shopping complex, they always litter it with tons of Palos.

I for one love all trees that perform the task that they were made for; shading my car in the 116 degree heat. The Palo Verde tree doesn't accomplish this task, so therefor, is useless to me. It might as well not even be in existence. It is ugly, messy and doesn't provide any circumference of shade big enough to shade anyone or anything.

It might appear that this is giving a little shade to the red car, however, it is just deceiving you. No question about it. I park under one everyday thinking, "I can see the shade on the pavement so it has got to shade my car" WRONG!!!

I was just googling to find out what it even means and I got this as a hit:

How do you slowly kill a Palo Verde tree?

This person wants Palo Verde to suffer. It's like they wanted to higher a hit man to slowly pull Palo Verde's teeth, then poke it with scalding hot pokers, only to finish Palo Verde off with a dose of poison that would make it spill all of it's secrets before finally killing over. Leopold would hate this . . . we would never get along, Leopold and I.

And just to let you all know, Palo's name means green wood. How original!

Stupid thing, doesn't it know that it's trunk is supposed to be brown...?

It's just like how I do not and will not ever feel remorse for killing a cockroach. However, I do deem it inhumane to kill cats {however much I wish we didn't have two living in our house} or stuff pigs into tight cages just to fatten them up. I guess I can have some extremest feelings but I am not a true environmentalist, and never will be.

I might one day claim to be green but I never want to be in the same category as Palo here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


"I've got my life in a suite case and I'm ready to run run run away.
I've got no time because I'm always trying to run run run away
cause everyday it feels like it's only a game, I've got my life in a suit case."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


You {snap of the fingers}, are a lone reed.
You are a lone reed.
You are a lone reed standing tall waving boldly in the corrupt sands of commerce.

I am a lone reed.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why does love always have to be a fairy tale, can't it just be a tale?

I have never been a big believer in love.

I hope for love. I just don't believe in it. (It's a good thing I don't feel about God the way I do about love).

Don't get me wrong I know that there is love out there, I just believe that love is something sought after, worked for, and a long time coming.

I do believe in the Grinch.

I believe that one's heart can grow. I can like someone, get along with them, realize that we are compatible, and be with them long enough to see that we go well together. Through this process my heart will grow to love someone.

I also believe that as long as there is some sort of attraction between the two of us and we both have the same goals for this life, that someone can be anyone.

Love at first sight is a bunch of crap. There is just no way.

I just saw the movie "500 days of summer" and I loved it.
It was a love tale. Not a fairy tale. It showed how two people could be in what looked like "love", have it not work out, and move on with life only to end up happier than when they thought they were "in love".

Could you leave someone who adored you? Imagine he was the perfect guy. He loved you, remembered the silly little facts you would say in passing, surprised you with those little facts when you least expected, was at your beckoning call, let you do things your way without complaining. . . Through all of this, you know he is amazing but aren't sure if there is someone else you could feel more for.

Could you leave him?
For the hope of someone else?

I am afraid that I would be too inamorated to think clearly. Or to analyze the thought of someone else. He is so perfect. There can't be someone better. Why give him up and then end up alone?

Then, you have to think; if you never analyzed or worried about if this was TRUE love, then you wouldn't be sad to miss out on something else. You will never realize you are missing out.

Hmm, so through my thought process, it seems like if you marry someone thinking you're in love but there is someone else out there who could have made you happier, it wouldn't matter. You would never miss out if you put your whole heart into your relationship. Your heart would grow. Your initial size would possibly be smaller than with Mr. Perfect but the end size only depends on how willing you are to let your heart grow.

Just believe, in other words.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I need to fall into some riches!!!

When I was in the ninth grade, one of my teachers told a story of a teenager who wrote down a list of one hundred goals. I don't remember his point to the story, however, I do remember that afterwards he said "I was so impressed that this kid could come up with so many goals, I don't think I know any teenager who could do that."

I am always one to take up a challenge, so that night I went home and wrote down more than one hundred goals just to out do that kid in the story.

Chelsie's Life Goals (not in any particular order:

  • Take a calligraphy class
  • Continue playing the flute during all 4 years of high school
  • Read all the scriptures cover to cover with no interruptions; (not in one sitting, just without backtracking.)
  • Save money to buy a car
  • Do Family history work
  • Get a job
  • Always be a conscious saver (of money)
  • Go through the temple
  • Obtain a college degree
  • Stay friends with Lindsay and Alicia

  • Frequent the temple often
  • Serve a mission
  • Go to Rome and see the Sistine chapel.
  • Always remain an active member of the church
  • Go to Italy
  • Go to Egypt and see the pyramids
  • See an original work of Michael Angelo
  • Go to the Tokyo temple
  • Finish an entire scrapbook
  • Enter and win a contest
  • Get married in the temple
  • Have children {remember I was in ninth grade...}
  • Go to the Prom
  • Visit at least 100 temples
  • Play the flute in front of a lot of people (not in a band)
  • Get an "A" in biology
  • Learn to drive
  • Donate to a children's charity
  • Always remember my mom on her birthday
  • Teach kids the gospel
  • Have my own business
  • Always be a supporter for people
  • Never do anything to gain peoples distrust
  • Get my Young woman's medallion
  • Learn at least on song on the piano
  • Learn and enjoy to play a sport
  • Be an aunt
  • Enjoy watching conference
  • Learn to notice the Holy Spirit more
  • Don't judge so easily
  • Get a good tan
  • Become friends, not just sisters, with Hannah
  • Complete High School
  • Be in a play
  • Learn a bit of Spanish
  • Become a fast typer
  • Read the Ensign
  • Become a home owner
  • Be a grandma
  • Never do drugs {I laughed at this one!}
  • Always pay tithing
  • Be a young woman's leader {Oh I had the foresight so long ago!!!}
  • Serve in the relief society
  • Be a primary teacher
  • Do baptisms for the dead for some of my own relatives
  • Live in a different state
  • Live in a different country
  • Large or small, invent something
  • Write a song
  • Write a book
  • Get a masters degree {this was before I actually knew what college was like...}
  • Give a talk at a fireside
  • Bowl a game above 100
  • Don't drink
  • Don't smoke {I think I was stretching...}
  • Write a teacher I had as a child.
  • Have a story in a magazine
  • Get family photos taken regularly
  • Plant and keep a good garden
  • Find my best talent
  • Give a whole paycheck away to someone in need
  • Attend all of my child(ren)'s functions (plays, games, concerts...)
  • Go to Jerusalem
  • Go on a field trip with children {wow, I didn't realize I thought about children so much}
  • Cross stitch something
  • Become a good seamstress
  • Make a quilt
  • Feed a baby zoo animal (zoo is included to exclude dogs or cats)
  • Read the scriptures every day
  • Always say morning and night prayers
  • See a play in New York
  • Eat in a fancy restaurant in New York
  • Go to a talk show in real life
  • Volunteer at a hospital
  • Sub for a seminary class
  • get laser eye surgery
  • See conference in person
  • Make a habit of making my bed every morning
  • Learn to cook really good
  • Take singing lessons
  • take a pottery class
  • learn to draw, take a class
  • Have my own room and decorate it cute
  • Make my parents proud
  • Help restore someones faith
  • Be at all siblings weddings (the only excuse is if I am out of the country or in childbirth)
  • Visit Grandpa Jack and Grandpa Farnsworth's graves
  • Go to Disney world
  • Pay baby-sitters good
  • Arrange some flowers in a beautiful arrangement
  • Go to Washington DC
  • Scuba dive
  • Parasail
  • Skydiving
  • Go to Nauvoo
And there are more...

My little ninth grade mind was so weird, I came up with some pretty weird things but I am excited to one day do all of these things. I am surprised with how many of them I have already done.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My un-love story

It all happened one sunny afternoon at my nanny's house.
I loved the nanny. We had many parts of the day; reading, playing, disney movie time, then (my favorite) Popsicle time!!! One fateful day, I got my first kiss.

Just like every other friday, I picked out the blue otter pop (because why eat any other flavor?) and went out side to play with the other kids. Some of the boys started making fun of me (who knows why, probably I had an accident {I tend to have those a lot and not even just as a child...}). In order to avoid the mocking, I went and hid under the trampoline.

Durring my crying session, I was joined by the most amazing little boy. He joined me, quieted me from my tears and reassured me that all those boys are jurks and to just let it go, then he leaned in and kissed me!!! (Mind you, I was probably 6 or 7 so my memories could be scewed a bit).

Getting a little closer to my point, that was the moment I realizezd that I COULD love. I now knew what love was. Someone carring about you enough to dry your tears and reassure you that all men are jerks, that is love.

It only took a few days for me to realize: love it may be, but not true love. You see, he ignored me from then on out and denied ever kissing me to all the guys. So, the only logical conclusion a six year old could make was, never feel love and never get hurt.

I came to that conclusion when I was six. 17 years ago I learned that it is better to not love someone than to love them and have them hurt you. I have tried hard to live by that rule my whole life. However, there have been times when I have let my guard fall. This happened because I did not find out at such a young age if it were necessary to apply this rule to both romantic and non romantic friends.

That is something that was learned over and over again all through elementary school, highshchool, on the mission, and afterwards.

Finally getting to my point; don't doubt yourself or the advice your six-year-old self gives you.

Friday, July 3, 2009


For most things in life I will search for the deal.
Even if I want something with all my hear I will wait.
I will wait for the day when there are the "lowest prices of the season," or
"by one get one free" no matter how long it takes. Most likely the wait will take me into a
new season where it isn't even "in".

However, I have made an exception.

This company will give one pair of shoes to needy children with each purchase!!!
Plus they are very unique. I am a big fan. I am also a new owner of black corduroy toms!!!

"TOMS WILL GIVE 1 PAIR OF SHOES THANKS TO YOU!"Don't these children look so happy? See that cute one in the pink sweatshirt and beanie? Her shoes are because of me! What a simple way to feel special.

You will now be seeing me (if you see me) sporting my first pair of toms. Don't fret, there will be many more to come, the next on the "to buy" list are the red ones!

ps. . . use the code "ShareTOMS" with your purchase and get $5 off!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I snitched, and it may have cost me my soul

I have found a lovely addition to my study time. In order to make writing papers and researching more comical, I have been playing sitcoms in the back ground (currently 30 Rock is what's on the roster) while I am thoroughly enthralled in completing my school tasks. This, however, causes me to frequent a neighborhood video store more often than I would like to admit.

Three days of papers, projects, and test studying, excused three days of video store visits in-a-row. On the first occasion, a lady came out of no where and asked for some change for bus fare so she could get home. I only carry my license when exchanging a movie as to not tempt myself with stopping for a ddp. (Our family chips in and we get a month pass at the video store, so not even a reason for a debit card. I probably just admitted that we watch way too many movies.) So, unfortunately, I had to decline this woman. The second day, this same lady jumped out from around the corner and asked for money for some medication she needed. Due to the same circumstances as stated above, I once again declined (her not even recognizing that this was the second time she'd asked me). The third day, the same woman approached me from behind, scaring the crap out of me, and asked for money to get some food. By this point, I was a little judgemental, I wont lie. I didn't have money on me, but I am sure I wouldn't give her any if I did. She was scamming me.

That's not even the part where I sold my soul. Once I entered the video store I told the worker that there was a solicitor asking for money as we entered. I don't know the exact rules. But, I know when I worked at QT I had to kick my share of beggers off the premises, they weren't allowed. On the occasion where they were creepy (which was most of the occasions since I worked by myself on the over nights), I just called the non emergency police, who then kicked them off for me. But either way, I am pretty sure that it is a no no for someone to be camped out for three days on the side walk in front of a video store asking everyone for money.

I didn't even think, I just walked in and reported her. WHO AM I. I can't believe I did that. It was pretty rotten. I mean maybe she was down on her luck needing a ride, medicine, and food all in the space of three days. Maybe God sent her to me thinking I would be a good Samaritan and share with someone in need. Instead, I just slapped her on the face (metaphorically) and walked away.

So now, I am pretty sure I no longer have a soul and all just for snitching.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4 weeks...

That is all the time I have to finish everything that has to be done this semester. How can I even do that? While looking at my trusty calender today, I realized that I am SCREWED!!!

Monday April 13th
  • One SWOT annalysis due
  • One review of the Phoenix civic center due
  • One online quiz due
  • One discussion board comment due
Wednesday April 16th
  • Three discussion board comments due

Thursday April 17th
  • One 15 page research paper due
Monday April 20th
  • One 10 page research paper due
Tuesday April 21st
  • One Special event citique due
Thursday April 23rd
  • One 5 page paper due
And these are just the things I can remember off the top of my head...

If you find me dead with a ddp in one hand and the other one attached to my laptop, I wouldn't be surprised.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I hate cats... With all of my little heart.

There is one in particular who likes to torment me and there is nothing I can do about it. I mean seriously they don't listen.

First, last week she jumped up on the back of my chair, getting my hair all in her... yuck!!! So instead of just pushing her off the back, I tried to be nice and pick her up and place her on the ground. What do I get for my kind gesture?

Two scratches in my arm!!! (and that is after a week of healing)

Second, as our family was kneeling down praying she decides to squeeze her way past me, in between my two legs. This of course caused me to scold her in the middle of the prayer and in turn caused the whole family to burst out laughing at me. All the while, my sister was able to keep herself under control and finish the prayer.

Third, she knows I hate it when she is in my room and I will not sleep with her in here. She knows this so she figures out how to pry my room door open when I am not there and goes and hides under my bed.

This is the devil herself.

She is hiding under my bed, keeping me from sleep and the whole while taunting me. Do you see the flip flop under her little paw? It is one of the many shoes I threw at her to try and get her to get out. She would just play with them, lay on them, and laugh a devilish laugh right in my face!!! And since the last time I touched her I ended up with scratches, she knew I wouldn't lay a hand on her or her little tail that methodically swayed from side to side just in my reach...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


From a single person's point of view, one might take the average chick flick to be "romantic".

One might always watch one in its entierty then take a long "ahhh" sigh at the end. Only to hope that "one day" someone could love me as much as he loves her.

We all know it's fiction so why do we think these men really exist? I have yet to be married so I cannot add my thought of chick flicks from a married point of view but I can guess; "one day" my husband will be like him.

I don't think it really could change that much. The people I know who are married, still live in reality and none of the stuff in chick flicks happens in reality.

So, I pose an interesting hypothesis:
Women who watch chick flicks are less satisfied with their current state of life.

There is no way that a woman can turn off the TV after watching 1.5-2 hours of made up fairy tails (aka chick flicks) and be happy with ones current state of life.

What I think after viewing such a flick, is:
“No one has ever….”
  • Tried to sell their season tickets to the Red Sox, just to win my trust
  • Gone to a Celine Deion concert sporting a pink Celine Shirt with me
  • Named off all seven of my smiles and why I use them
  • Said “I can’t help myself” while telling someone else about me
  • Conjured up an elaborate pen pal scheme just to prove their love for me
  • Convinced my sisters crush to marry her just after saving my family from embarrassment by paying off my younger sisters frivolous wedding, just so that he could prove that he wasn’t proud and would do any thing for me
  • Shared a bag of razzle’s with me even though I was convinced I was a thirteen year old stuck in a thirty year olds body
  • Didn’t get in the way of me winning a reality show to marry his best friend even though he loved me
  • Come from the 1800’s to show me the meaning of life and cuddle with me while I am sad
  • Robbed a sculpture from a museum to keep my father from being outed as a fraud
  • Put a diamond ring in the change slot of the Chicago train station for to prupose
  • Helped me cover the tomatoes while I was in a robe and a hair cap
  • Help my spirit find my body and come out of a coma and build me a wonderful garden on my roof top

"If it takes looking like __________ to get a guy like that, I guess it is a fairy tale."
(take your pick of leading actresses to fill in the blank)

Yet still, knowing and admitting to such feelings towards such fictitious films, I will continue to indulge my self to the hope....

"one day".

Monday, March 30, 2009

I don't have a kid but I have the most adorable neice!!!

That is all I can say.
A company that actually says things three times, just like me. They've got to be golden!!!

check them out:

At their Yummy Mummy store
at their Yummy Mummy blog

Saturday, February 7, 2009

If a vampire can settle for a Volvo, so can I

My whole life I have dreamt of being behind the wheel of a beautiful luxury vehicle.
Ok not all my life...
When I was 18 I drove my uncles infiniti while I was watching his kids for the weekend.
From that moment on, I new that I was made to be in a luxury vehicle. It was then that I started to notice them on the road. I wouldn't (don't) pay attention to the traffic lights or pedestrians, I would be (am always) scanning the cars passing, in the opposed direction along with those in my near vicinity, picking out and fawning over the cars that I will one day have.

They are just so beautiful, even more in their old state.

Never noticed so much, except the appearance in School of Rock.

This is a very chique car. Luxury but not oldies driving down the road, hip one might say.

I would be in one of these with perfectly manicured nails, hair with no regrowth, perfect white teeth and a centurion american express in my wallet. (For those who call it the "black" american express, it is actually called the centurion by american express themselves.)

First thing on website: "starting at 49,999", and one day I will pay that just to have that cool jaguar (ja-goo-war) leaping off my hood.

Is amazing, I know first hand. (It drove so much easier than my pice ... ford that I stalled fourty times)

My heart truly lies here, within the confines of the blue and white.

The car I knew most little about, until I was coerced into reading a popular series, was the volvo. The one that had the least amount of space taken up in my heart: the volvo.
But now, it is the one that I occupy on a daily basis.
It doesn't have a jaguar jumping off the hood nor is it the heart throb of the audi but it is beautiful and I love it.

The Automatic windows, yes, they roll all the way down or up with just one touch of the button.

The View from the sun roof.

Been through a lot of bugs lately? well, with the volvo, you can squirt on some cleaner and wipe them right off with the turn of a dial.

Not only cruise control at the tip of my fingers, but the volume and the ability to skip.

Together we make a great couple. Chelsie and the S80 forever!!!! (Well, until I fall into riches and purchase on of the others listed above.)

Friday, January 2, 2009

You should see the other guy…

I have an obsession. There is something that bothers me so much that when it is done, I automatically want to step in and fix it. That doesn’t happen for anything else; just this one slight obsession, or fixation rather, or possibly just the object of my happiness.

A tube of toothpaste needs to be squeezed from the end. It needs to be squeezed evenly each morning and night, and when the paste is detached from it’s origin, it needs to be wiped off cleanly, leaving no residue.

When one follows the bolded red letters stating that "FOR BEST RESULTS, SQUEEZE TUBE FROM THE BOTTOM AND FLATTEN AS YOU GO UP" one receives a tube that is beautiful, as follows:
When you don't, you get something a little more like this:

(This example is actually a great improvement, the owner of the second tube shown here, has been taught on many occasions that it is better to have a clean tube.
Hence she has taken steps to improve.)


or even a cap like this:

(not the best picture ever but there is green toothpaste all around and in the cap!!!)

I plead with you all, please jut squeeze it from the bottom and flatten as you go.