Friday, October 31, 2008

"You know how much happier we'd all be if we just learned how to love lotion?"

Pretty much the best quote ever.

But really, lets take a deeper look at this; who loves lotion?

Massage therapists
Rich people (who get it applied to them frequently in by the above mentioned lotion lovers)

As we can see, those whom love lotion can be placed into a catagory of "happy".

Look at babies, they just eat, sleep, poop, and get held all day long... recipe for a happy day.

Dermatologist, they get payed way too much to do nothing at all, they don't even have to get their hand dirty or perform any sort of hard labor. If I made that kind of money and had that job description, I'd be happier.

Massage therapists, always rubbing people, always working with soothing music and lighting, not having to talk to others as you work... happy.

Rich people who get massages all the time, can be nothing but happy.

So, I full heartedly agree with Christina who said the above mentioned quote. I know I can use a few happiness points in my life, so maybe I should start loving lotion.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Them Dutch, they're ahead of their time!!!

Maybe I wouldn't HATE school now if I had learned this earlier...

POLDER, not boulder, or folder, or
shoulder but POLDER!!!

(Brown area=polder)

As I sat watching 6 hours of lecture on my very favorite black computer, TIBBER,

I was enlightened to a new fact. The definition and explanation of a polder. At the start of the 11th century, the dutch found them selves in a plight. Too many people and not enough land. What are they going to do? Well, remember in the bible how at different times there was destruction and many of the lands were sunk into the water? Well, them dutch remembered that too. In fact they thought it wasn't fair that such a thing would happen to such a good piece of land so they resurrected said lands. They made all sorts of ingenious inventions to make the water drain off the land so they could make use of such a valuable resource. Canals are used widely to take water away, also with windmills to keep unwanted water out, and the use/construction of dikes to make the city higher and further away from the water they are avoiding. How could I have gone all my life and not known of this amazing thing known as a POLDER???? Have you ever heard of it? If not, I hope I have opened your eyes to the amazing things that can happen. I however, would never live on such land. I mean if God sunk it once, who's to say he won't do it again?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Selfish Son of a . . .

On most all accounts, I don't consider myself selfish. (Nor Humble). But lets delve into the topic a little more. . .

1. Devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one's own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others.
2. Characterized by or manifesting concern or care only for oneself: selfish motives

Having little or no concern for oneself, esp. with regard to fame, position, money, etc.; unselfish.

Looking at these two definitions, I can truly state that more than 80% of the time my motives are selfLESS. (That number would be higher but one must take into consideration sleep time is selfish {although not always, I am such a beast when I am tired that sometimes it is a favor to those around me}, shopping, movies. You know, the things that keep one sane.)

However, there is one topic in my life that I know I am s
elfish about and I can't help myself. . . My best friend. She lives in Canada but will occasionally visit. While she is here, I want to monopolize all of her time, making her spend time with me. Helping me with life, going on ddp runs, empathizing with me, and really anything that entails being together. It kind of sounds a little stockerish but she is my best friend and closest confidant so I have to take advantage of the few days we get together.

(Our first out-of-highschool road trip to Disney Land)

Her last trip here was no different; however, we had an excuse to actually spend more time together. We were both painstakingly working on a project that turned out just as it should have: two people consenting in their nuptial ties. This left many of her family a little begrudged by the lack of attention to them. For this, I am sorry to cause strife, however, not sorry that the time was spent with me.

(A carriage ride through central Park)

So, the fact that my heart breaks every time she goes home and I just wish she could stay here, is that selfish of me? I mean, I know she has her priorities and number one is her husband (whom I love and appreciate for freely sharing her with me on occasion) as it should be and I would never ask her to leave him and come back but if they both ever considered coming to live here together, I would be the number one supporter of that idea.

(An eventful day of findings in Hoboken New Jersey.)

However, I feel so selfish for thinking that because she needs to live her life, strengthen her roots in her new town, gain new friendships, and move on with her life. But to even think of her moving on and not including me in her future life kills me.

So, I will not increase my percentage of selflessness because I will never stop hoping that my best friend will one day live close again. But I should lose some selfish points because I would truly do ANY thing for her.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

{No this is not a racial slur!}

What the heck!!! How does one get black circles that start above the eye and work themselves down under the eye. They are called "black circles UNDER your eyes". Never have I heard, "over" ones eyes. But, they exist, I am the proof.

Spray paint under ones nails to leave them black.

This next one you might not know what it is. It is one of the many black and blue bruises that I received from lugging bags and other items on my arms. You might think that means I am a sissy but you wouldn't believe how many bags and junk I have lugged the past few days with just my short little forearms to help me. Poor little guys.

And, who the heck knows what is all jumbled up on my feet?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My phone, he can't keep up with me!!!

So, this week has been CRAZY as can be. I don't feel like going into the details, so I won't. But I just want to share one little thing with you.

My phone, it gets the same amount of sleep as me. When I go to bed I plug it in and it sleeps all night on the night stand next to me. When I get up (after showering and getting ready) it gets up and goes with me where ever I go.

Well, you see since this week has been so CRAZY I have not slept much. Thus, he hasn't either. He has let me know this too. He will just think it is his right to be "exosted" and turn off all by him self. WHO does he think he is!!?? If I am up he should be! If I can't sleep he shouldn't have the opportunity for a cat nap!!! There is just no no no way.

I felt betrayed, once again, when I reached my had in my purse to see if there had been any messages at 1 in the morning, and he was sleeping. Little ol' trusty was not so trustworthy. he was sleepin'. All his power just sucked right out of him. That is how I feel, however unfortunate, I am unable to shut off when I am tired I must keep going.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The MIRACLE of Childbirth ?!?

Thursday October 9th, 2008 MY niece Rachel was born.

It makes me wonder why on earth anyone ever coined the phrase, "the Miracle of childbirth".

If I were to put miracle into a phrase it would be more

The miracle of straight A's in college

The miracle of a car showing up on your doorstep full of gas,
keys in the ignition, and insurance papers with your name and already payed out for the next 3 years.

The Miracle of class canceled on an already busy day.

The miracle of seeing your breath in the air because Arizona finally got cold enough.

The Miracle of getting all green lights.

The miracle of a "get out of this speeding ticket free" card. (
Or many of those cards in my case)

The miracle of putting on a sweater or pair of jeans that already has 20 bucks in it.

The miracle of your best friend coming to visit.

The miracle of being able to understand one of the opposite sex.

Ohh and the list can just go on and on, but Childbirth would never be on that list. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! Even after I have one, I will not change my mind on that one.

When I think of a Phrase with "childbirth" I think on different lines;

The pain of childbirth.

The hours upon hours of childbirth.

The agony of childbirth.

The inevitable day of childbirth.

Oh and there are many more however we'll keep this Blog Cuss word Free.

However, I do love my niece!!! She is adorable!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I feel Pretty. Oh so PRETTY...

I am not the type of girl who gets compliments. No one just tells me that I look good today or that they like my outfit. Nothing. Plain Jane. That is what I am. And I'm ok with that. I like blending in, being conspicuous, average.

At least I thought I was. You never know that you aren't ok with something if you have never experienced the other side.

Like I was a billy goat without courage to fight the ugly troll. But, today was my day.

My day to fight the TROLL!

Having a schedule that is conducive to my life style, I was able to wake up, shower and get ready for school without rushing. This lead to the not so common event of me doing my hair and putting make-up on, all in the same day!!

Which also lead to me getting 4, count them FOUR compliments on my hair. Not to mention TWO more on my glasses. (There is too much of a glare for me
to have my glasses on in the picture, but they are amazingly cute. They are red!!!)

Needless to say, a girl can always use a good self-esteem builder and 6 compliments in one day got the job done.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Quirk #1

I will not lie. Well, I will for certain things, like things that could cause conflict, I will lie lie lie.
However, most everything else I don't lie about. So, I have decided to let you all know a little more about me. I have some weird quirks that I will let you all in on.

I love my bed, as we already know. I don't, however, like to make it. I will do anything it takes to not wake up and make my bed. To me it is so nice to just get up and forget about it. Making it just reminds me that I can't get back into it for a long time. There has to be work, school, social life (ha ha we all know I don't have that), family, . . . THEN I can get back into bed.

I have a solution to this problem. I make my bed at night. I do, right before I get into bed for a good (hopefully long) nights sleep I make my bed. Fluff up the pillow, make the sheets and comforter aligned, clear off anything left over from projects or from being plain un-organized, then I snuggle up into a nice comfy bed.

I think it is kind of weird but I can't stop it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dancing Though Life?

Sounds Like a very attractive way to go through life.


It makes me think of sleeping beauty whisking through the air with her prince and a changing color dress. I always wished I could dance, but I can't. So the hope of dancing through life is out the window.

Leaving me to ask myself how will I get through life if it isn't dancing.

Will I:
  • Walk through life? - No, that sounds terribly boring.
  • Hop on one leg through life? - More interesting; however, I think I would get tired and one leg muscle would be huge while the other wasn't. Weird, so no.
  • Ride the bus through life? - Valley metro, no way in ...the world. Too many people try to talk to you. But, a tour bus through Spain was an amazing experience that I wouldn't mind having constantly for my life. I would just need a lot of Dramamine.
  • Ride a motorcycle through life? - that is tempting. I just had my first motorcycle ride today and my life will never be the same. I loved it. Oooh, how invigorating would that be to go through your whole life on a motorcycle!!!
  • Skim though life? - I think that is actually what I have done with life up until now. Just like the milk, I didn't get any of the thick, deep, good stuff just enough of a lot of things to get an Idea of how it might taste. Ya, I'm not too happy with life as it is, so I'm stearing clear from dairy.
  • Take short cuts through life? - I've seen others do this. It seemes easier. Is it? Maybe it is easier but not as fulfilling.
  • Teleport through life? - As enticing as it sounds, I will pass on this one. Teleporting though life would make me miss a lot.
  • Fly through life? - I think this is the answer. If there were real super powers I think I would want this one. But until Suresh gets that down I will be relying on to get me the lowest fares that get me to my dreams. I can't imagine any part of my life stationary. Or close from one destination to the other, so flying is the only option.


Life is extremely overrated when you don't know how you are going to transport yourself through it. Now that I know I am going to be flying through life my life will be so much better.

How are you getting yourself through life?