Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4 weeks...

That is all the time I have to finish everything that has to be done this semester. How can I even do that? While looking at my trusty calender today, I realized that I am SCREWED!!!

Monday April 13th
  • One SWOT annalysis due
  • One review of the Phoenix civic center due
  • One online quiz due
  • One discussion board comment due
Wednesday April 16th
  • Three discussion board comments due

Thursday April 17th
  • One 15 page research paper due
Monday April 20th
  • One 10 page research paper due
Tuesday April 21st
  • One Special event citique due
Thursday April 23rd
  • One 5 page paper due
And these are just the things I can remember off the top of my head...

If you find me dead with a ddp in one hand and the other one attached to my laptop, I wouldn't be surprised.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I hate cats... With all of my little heart.

There is one in particular who likes to torment me and there is nothing I can do about it. I mean seriously they don't listen.

First, last week she jumped up on the back of my chair, getting my hair all in her... yuck!!! So instead of just pushing her off the back, I tried to be nice and pick her up and place her on the ground. What do I get for my kind gesture?

Two scratches in my arm!!! (and that is after a week of healing)

Second, as our family was kneeling down praying she decides to squeeze her way past me, in between my two legs. This of course caused me to scold her in the middle of the prayer and in turn caused the whole family to burst out laughing at me. All the while, my sister was able to keep herself under control and finish the prayer.

Third, she knows I hate it when she is in my room and I will not sleep with her in here. She knows this so she figures out how to pry my room door open when I am not there and goes and hides under my bed.

This is the devil herself.

She is hiding under my bed, keeping me from sleep and the whole while taunting me. Do you see the flip flop under her little paw? It is one of the many shoes I threw at her to try and get her to get out. She would just play with them, lay on them, and laugh a devilish laugh right in my face!!! And since the last time I touched her I ended up with scratches, she knew I wouldn't lay a hand on her or her little tail that methodically swayed from side to side just in my reach...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


From a single person's point of view, one might take the average chick flick to be "romantic".

One might always watch one in its entierty then take a long "ahhh" sigh at the end. Only to hope that "one day" someone could love me as much as he loves her.

We all know it's fiction so why do we think these men really exist? I have yet to be married so I cannot add my thought of chick flicks from a married point of view but I can guess; "one day" my husband will be like him.

I don't think it really could change that much. The people I know who are married, still live in reality and none of the stuff in chick flicks happens in reality.

So, I pose an interesting hypothesis:
Women who watch chick flicks are less satisfied with their current state of life.

There is no way that a woman can turn off the TV after watching 1.5-2 hours of made up fairy tails (aka chick flicks) and be happy with ones current state of life.

What I think after viewing such a flick, is:
“No one has ever….”
  • Tried to sell their season tickets to the Red Sox, just to win my trust
  • Gone to a Celine Deion concert sporting a pink Celine Shirt with me
  • Named off all seven of my smiles and why I use them
  • Said “I can’t help myself” while telling someone else about me
  • Conjured up an elaborate pen pal scheme just to prove their love for me
  • Convinced my sisters crush to marry her just after saving my family from embarrassment by paying off my younger sisters frivolous wedding, just so that he could prove that he wasn’t proud and would do any thing for me
  • Shared a bag of razzle’s with me even though I was convinced I was a thirteen year old stuck in a thirty year olds body
  • Didn’t get in the way of me winning a reality show to marry his best friend even though he loved me
  • Come from the 1800’s to show me the meaning of life and cuddle with me while I am sad
  • Robbed a sculpture from a museum to keep my father from being outed as a fraud
  • Put a diamond ring in the change slot of the Chicago train station for to prupose
  • Helped me cover the tomatoes while I was in a robe and a hair cap
  • Help my spirit find my body and come out of a coma and build me a wonderful garden on my roof top

"If it takes looking like __________ to get a guy like that, I guess it is a fairy tale."
(take your pick of leading actresses to fill in the blank)

Yet still, knowing and admitting to such feelings towards such fictitious films, I will continue to indulge my self to the hope....

"one day".