Thursday, July 9, 2009

I need to fall into some riches!!!

When I was in the ninth grade, one of my teachers told a story of a teenager who wrote down a list of one hundred goals. I don't remember his point to the story, however, I do remember that afterwards he said "I was so impressed that this kid could come up with so many goals, I don't think I know any teenager who could do that."

I am always one to take up a challenge, so that night I went home and wrote down more than one hundred goals just to out do that kid in the story.

Chelsie's Life Goals (not in any particular order:

  • Take a calligraphy class
  • Continue playing the flute during all 4 years of high school
  • Read all the scriptures cover to cover with no interruptions; (not in one sitting, just without backtracking.)
  • Save money to buy a car
  • Do Family history work
  • Get a job
  • Always be a conscious saver (of money)
  • Go through the temple
  • Obtain a college degree
  • Stay friends with Lindsay and Alicia

  • Frequent the temple often
  • Serve a mission
  • Go to Rome and see the Sistine chapel.
  • Always remain an active member of the church
  • Go to Italy
  • Go to Egypt and see the pyramids
  • See an original work of Michael Angelo
  • Go to the Tokyo temple
  • Finish an entire scrapbook
  • Enter and win a contest
  • Get married in the temple
  • Have children {remember I was in ninth grade...}
  • Go to the Prom
  • Visit at least 100 temples
  • Play the flute in front of a lot of people (not in a band)
  • Get an "A" in biology
  • Learn to drive
  • Donate to a children's charity
  • Always remember my mom on her birthday
  • Teach kids the gospel
  • Have my own business
  • Always be a supporter for people
  • Never do anything to gain peoples distrust
  • Get my Young woman's medallion
  • Learn at least on song on the piano
  • Learn and enjoy to play a sport
  • Be an aunt
  • Enjoy watching conference
  • Learn to notice the Holy Spirit more
  • Don't judge so easily
  • Get a good tan
  • Become friends, not just sisters, with Hannah
  • Complete High School
  • Be in a play
  • Learn a bit of Spanish
  • Become a fast typer
  • Read the Ensign
  • Become a home owner
  • Be a grandma
  • Never do drugs {I laughed at this one!}
  • Always pay tithing
  • Be a young woman's leader {Oh I had the foresight so long ago!!!}
  • Serve in the relief society
  • Be a primary teacher
  • Do baptisms for the dead for some of my own relatives
  • Live in a different state
  • Live in a different country
  • Large or small, invent something
  • Write a song
  • Write a book
  • Get a masters degree {this was before I actually knew what college was like...}
  • Give a talk at a fireside
  • Bowl a game above 100
  • Don't drink
  • Don't smoke {I think I was stretching...}
  • Write a teacher I had as a child.
  • Have a story in a magazine
  • Get family photos taken regularly
  • Plant and keep a good garden
  • Find my best talent
  • Give a whole paycheck away to someone in need
  • Attend all of my child(ren)'s functions (plays, games, concerts...)
  • Go to Jerusalem
  • Go on a field trip with children {wow, I didn't realize I thought about children so much}
  • Cross stitch something
  • Become a good seamstress
  • Make a quilt
  • Feed a baby zoo animal (zoo is included to exclude dogs or cats)
  • Read the scriptures every day
  • Always say morning and night prayers
  • See a play in New York
  • Eat in a fancy restaurant in New York
  • Go to a talk show in real life
  • Volunteer at a hospital
  • Sub for a seminary class
  • get laser eye surgery
  • See conference in person
  • Make a habit of making my bed every morning
  • Learn to cook really good
  • Take singing lessons
  • take a pottery class
  • learn to draw, take a class
  • Have my own room and decorate it cute
  • Make my parents proud
  • Help restore someones faith
  • Be at all siblings weddings (the only excuse is if I am out of the country or in childbirth)
  • Visit Grandpa Jack and Grandpa Farnsworth's graves
  • Go to Disney world
  • Pay baby-sitters good
  • Arrange some flowers in a beautiful arrangement
  • Go to Washington DC
  • Scuba dive
  • Parasail
  • Skydiving
  • Go to Nauvoo
And there are more...

My little ninth grade mind was so weird, I came up with some pretty weird things but I am excited to one day do all of these things. I am surprised with how many of them I have already done.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My un-love story

It all happened one sunny afternoon at my nanny's house.
I loved the nanny. We had many parts of the day; reading, playing, disney movie time, then (my favorite) Popsicle time!!! One fateful day, I got my first kiss.

Just like every other friday, I picked out the blue otter pop (because why eat any other flavor?) and went out side to play with the other kids. Some of the boys started making fun of me (who knows why, probably I had an accident {I tend to have those a lot and not even just as a child...}). In order to avoid the mocking, I went and hid under the trampoline.

Durring my crying session, I was joined by the most amazing little boy. He joined me, quieted me from my tears and reassured me that all those boys are jurks and to just let it go, then he leaned in and kissed me!!! (Mind you, I was probably 6 or 7 so my memories could be scewed a bit).

Getting a little closer to my point, that was the moment I realizezd that I COULD love. I now knew what love was. Someone carring about you enough to dry your tears and reassure you that all men are jerks, that is love.

It only took a few days for me to realize: love it may be, but not true love. You see, he ignored me from then on out and denied ever kissing me to all the guys. So, the only logical conclusion a six year old could make was, never feel love and never get hurt.

I came to that conclusion when I was six. 17 years ago I learned that it is better to not love someone than to love them and have them hurt you. I have tried hard to live by that rule my whole life. However, there have been times when I have let my guard fall. This happened because I did not find out at such a young age if it were necessary to apply this rule to both romantic and non romantic friends.

That is something that was learned over and over again all through elementary school, highshchool, on the mission, and afterwards.

Finally getting to my point; don't doubt yourself or the advice your six-year-old self gives you.

Friday, July 3, 2009


For most things in life I will search for the deal.
Even if I want something with all my hear I will wait.
I will wait for the day when there are the "lowest prices of the season," or
"by one get one free" no matter how long it takes. Most likely the wait will take me into a
new season where it isn't even "in".

However, I have made an exception.

This company will give one pair of shoes to needy children with each purchase!!!
Plus they are very unique. I am a big fan. I am also a new owner of black corduroy toms!!!

"TOMS WILL GIVE 1 PAIR OF SHOES THANKS TO YOU!"Don't these children look so happy? See that cute one in the pink sweatshirt and beanie? Her shoes are because of me! What a simple way to feel special.

You will now be seeing me (if you see me) sporting my first pair of toms. Don't fret, there will be many more to come, the next on the "to buy" list are the red ones!

ps. . . use the code "ShareTOMS" with your purchase and get $5 off!