Thursday, December 25, 2008


I don't take any credit for the tree. It isn't how i would have liked it but I delegated and didn't micromanage when it was done.

I like to think of myself as an artist. I have no real artistic abilities, however, i can get an image of a room with decorations in my head and make something that turns out (hopefully) good.

It usually take the help of others to get the outcome of what my vision consists of; this garland took many hands and those of: Hannah, Michael, and Rocio. One of my finest visions, a tall sign in table, wasn't engineered alone, thanks bRAD.

Thanks to santa I can now take pictures on my very own camera!!! I think the fireplace picture turned out amazing.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

True Happiness

As a young single adult, one might think of me as love-less. However, I have fallen in love in my life and I still have a place in my heart reserved for that love. We were together for a time but it has been many years since we have been together. (It is mostly my fault, as mentioned earlier, I moved out of the country.) I am holding out all hope that during this holiday season, we can find each other again.

The Beautiful and I

The More Reserved Side

True personality coming out

Ridiculous and ugly friends

I set out on a quest to find my love and come to a state of peace and joy in my life. I have only been able to find others that on the outside look alike but can't be compared to the beautiful. Nothing will ever match up, I'll never be able to find one who compares to the original!!! Oh no!!!

An obvious FRAUD

If anyone has seen the source of my happiness please fill me in on where to find it again.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I served a mission for my church. I spent a year and a half in Brasil teaching people about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Part of a mission is to be fed by others. We were assigned one family a day to eat lunch with. However, for breakfast and dinner, we either fended for ourselves or thanks to the Brasilian culture, if we were in someone’s house when they had food, it was a given that we'd get some. In the U.S. we can get away with saying, "I just ate", or "I'm fasting", or even "no thanks". However, in Brasil, there’s no way. If you are offered food, you eat it. And all of it.

Well, if I eat eggs I get sick. I think to a degree I am allergic to the little devils. (Deviled eggs, yuck) But I can eat cookies that have egg in them, so my allergy must be some sort of case-by-case allergy. In my dad's opinion, it is all in my head. But for real, I get a stomach ach if I eat scrambled eggs (good bye breakfast burritos [sad day]), sunny side up eggs (no breakfast sandwiches), fried eggs (the most common in brasil, even used as an entre for meals when meat is too expensive), pouched (I’ve actually never eaten), and even the boiled egg (no potato salad!!! I love potato salad but most everyone puts eggs cut up into it!! WRETCHED).

On mentioned mission, I told everyone I was allergic to eggs. I made sure that the word was spread far and wide in order to avoid any incidents with upset people. (I wanted to say the same about fish because I hate fish but didn't feel I could because I don't have any adverse reactions to fish.) So, was I lying as a missionary of the Lord? I never felt so. If you won't let me politely tell you I don't like eggs I have got to step it up and make my point clear by telling you it is an allergy, albeit undiagnosed.

My real point today is that I hate eggs. However, it feels as if there is one attached to me at all times. This is what my brain is:

A fried egg!!!

Bring on Christmas Vacation