Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hippies: They're still around?

Little did i know that there is still such a thing as a hippie. I thought they were out with the 60's; however, I met one this week so i am now an eyewitness that they are still out there. 

I am a student at ASU. (There is a further blog that will explain why i am goin
g through this stage of self-mutilation).  I am also POOR, POOR, POOR! I live off of blood
 money (also known as student loans). Such circumstances inevitably lead me to taking the bus to school. Ohhh, how i love the ever trust worthy Valley Metro. When I see one of those turquoise and purple chariots coming to sweep me off of my feet, amaze me with such luxury, and get me to any said location in a bli
nk of an eye, I get an uncontrollable pitter patter in my little heart. 

As to savour every second of a dream come true, I am sure to have my i-pod in, on, and loud even before stepping one foot into the chariot.  It is also imperative to have ones hands occupied with a book. Any book. I've monitored the reaction from Harry Potter, Twilight, the Ensign, and even books in Portugues. The reaction is always the same (or at least i read it the same): "If she can really read that boo
k then why the ____ is she so poor that she has to ride the bus using a free card? She must be faking it!" 

I mean i am no psychic but when i see people staring at me while i read, i assume the above mentioned thought went through their head. 

Back to the hippies. Just try if you please to imagine me on a bus. Trying to save my image by looking intelligent. ( I mean a person who can listen to music and read a book at the same time must be intelligent, so they have an excuse to be on a bus). Earphones in and book in hand. I have tried all possible to make my appearance NON inviting.  I wouldn't talk to me if i were sitting next to me on a bus, who would? 


that is who. One such hippie, born 50 years too late, with a "street" name of Pacman tapped me on the shoulder and told me she wanted to talk to me. In one rush hour ride from mill and university to alma school and university, I learned more about drugs and raves and blood fests than I had ever before known. I left that bus not only feeling that sticky gringey feeling on my hands, positive that druggie smell transferd onto myself, but also quite entertained. Would a high, hippie, pacman have made it a personal goal to drug anyone who sat next to her or was I specially picked to receive such a privilege?  

If I go unseen for days and don't answer my cell phone, rest assured that i am having the best time of my life learning the trade secrets of train jumping across the world!!! 

Hippie Power!! 
Tie-dye all the way!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Solitudely Single and I'm Happy about It

The big day is on the herizon. October 27th, 2008 I will turn 23 years old! I will be a mormon girl who is still single!!! I never believed that this day would come. I wished and hoped that such a day would come and it is so so so close. I go against the grain of salt when it comes to marriage. (Don't get me wrong it is a great thing and everyone should do it, i just don't see the rush!!!) I am sure that when the Lord sees fit for me to get married I will do it, but until then i am going to happily even frivolously take advantage of every opportunity that I have. Think about it, what girl who gets married right out of high school has been to 8 countries and 14 (soon to be more, at least Texas maybe more) states. Sure I don't have a job, money, a car, or a computer but people lived without those things for ice ages!!!

I am single and i am not sad about that.
All who are single should relish in the freedom and solitude that is inevitably going to be swiped away in one romantic fling.

I am, however, entering into a new form of singleness. It is the Solitudely single stage. Since I was old enough to know what single means until relatively recent, I haven't been alone as a single. I have had my 4 best friends always around me to cling to when ever needed. They have been such great supports in my life that through them and their support i was able to see that it will be just fine to remain single. No need to rely on a man. I mean who could ever rely on a man, ever. So lets put that as far away as possible. But now, all four of them are gone gone gone!!!! In my mind they have met undesirable ends, but they are happy so who am I to judge?

Let's look at Alicia.
We've been friends since that 12 year old Sunday school class of Brother Miller's. Our Friendship has had its high-frequency moments and it's low-frequency moments. But no matter if two months have gone by without contact we still know that we love eachother and there is a hug waiting when needed. She has decided that since we keep in touch so well living in the same city that she would go ahead and join that mormon sect in Utah. Yes, she has met her doom (doom=detachment from me!!) by enrolling in the fall semester at BYU. Which reminds me of a pack of hyenas saying Mufasa, oooooo, say it again... Mufasa, ooooo.

Keeping a chronological perspective, next let's look at

We've also been friends since 12/13 when she moved to mesa 22nd ward and went to Kino jr. high with me. Inseparable ever since.
But... Need I say freaking more? Just look at the picture!!!

We met Jr. year at Westwood and hit it off instantly. I think it had to do with our same logic on marriage, diet dr. pepper, traveling, ASU, and Mr. Wedge. Now, we are miles apart trying to make the statistics of long distance relationships change for the better. Needless to say Canada got the best of her and has yet to get the best of me. Or maybe it was Kyle that got the best of her and in that case it is a good thing he didn't get the best of me too!!

Now we have made it to "B". Since there are two lindsa/ey's in my life when referring to

she is referred to as "B".

We became good good good friends when she got home from China and Camille went to Canada for the first time. Neither Canada nor Kyle got the best of her, however "love" did. She is also getting married. We are going to pick up her fiance in Texas and then she will be with him constantly until October 24th, then afterwards it is like she will be dead to me.
So, inevitably after this weekend I will officially be starting the "solitudely" single stage of singleness. It has a lonlier haze to it but i am sure that It will be just as exciting as the surrounded single days. So, i am solitudely single and happy about it!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

10 Things I like about Me
In my quest to lose weight, I once enrolled in Weight Watchers. In one weekly meeting we were given the assignment to make a list of 10 physical qualities we like about ourselves. (I guess they feel that these blubbering fat people need an occasional self esteem boost.) Following their every word, hoping it would help me lose my love handles (why the heck would they be called that?! It just makes me hate more and more the word LOVE), I ran home to the lovely apartment I shared with my two best friends (for a month), and started the list. I racked and racked my brain for anything that i could put down. I went to the mirror and had to contemplate for quite a long time to get my list down. As an effort to help you know me on a more personal note, i am going to share this incredibly personal list with you all:

1- My Hair color is beautiful*
2- The Length is perfect with its layers

3- My hair looks amazing when it is straight**

4- My hair when it is curled, shockingly looks better than when it is straight***

5- Bangs are an esquisit addition to my face

6- However, on hot days they are just as cute pulled up

7- My second day hair can be a sexy unkempt look

8- It can look good pulled up and puffy which is great for the heat

9- I can go down the elegant road with just a little hairspray and a few bobbie pins****

(It's been so long since I've been elegant that I don't have a photo of it)

10- My hair requires little time when running late !!!!!!!!

Here you go, these are the ten physical atributes of myself that i love best!!!

I would like to give credit to those responsible for my hair being as amazing as it is.

* My hair dresser, Jenny

**My dad for straight genes

*** My mom for curly genes

**** Bed Head for amazing hairspray