Sunday, June 27, 2010

This post is part of saturday steals from my pal, camille's blog...

So, knowing my dad has been the best blessing of my life!
He has connections everywhere. At all the college job fairs they always say
But I have my dad and he covers it all.

Some people were moving into a smaller apartment from a house and wanted to get rid of some furniture. Instead of selling it on Craig's list to make at least a little gas money, they just gave it to my dad.

It has been sitting in my garage for a while. I Painted one book shelf a while ago and have loved the addition to my life. Now, I painted a little hutch thing and a second shorter book shelf and they have completed my life.

Deal of the century:

This is the first tall book case. The second I haven't put a clear coat on yet, so it is still in the garage... it is the same in style and make, just a little shorter and more narrow.

I haven't really decorated the top of this, I just threw some stuff on top so it didn't look so barren. {Also, the green lap and shade are a sneak peak for next week...}

All three good things were a nasty light wood color and they had a little musty smell to them. Now, they are beautiful and smell delightful.
{the finishing spray I got has a distinct candy like smell?}

So, the final cost was really only approximately $27 due to the paint that I had to but to paint it with. It would have probably been cheaper to buy a gallon of black paint however, I have yet to venture to liquid paint on furniture projects. Has anyone tried that? How does it bode?