Sunday, November 30, 2008

There's one Bakers dozen I love!!!

A bakers dozen is so stupid in my opinion. I mean we have a dozen, which is 12. Why have a bakers dozen? Which supposedly is 13, however, it shouldn't even exist. In our culture we will use this word "dozen" in order to put a number on any given item. But, come on, has anyone ever used a bakers dozen? It is longer to say that than to just say thirteen.

Well, there is one bakers dozen that I love. I never knew I could love a bakers dozen, but it happened. There are 13 young women that I work with that I am so proud of!!! We had an evening of excellence a few weeks ago and I got to know them better and was completely impressed with each and every one of them.
Here are some pictures of these pieces of art...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The best worst invention ever!!!

There are many times one needs to use glitter.

Such times may include; puppet making, Christmas card making, child entertaining, and many more that can be left to the imagination.

The negative side of glitter though is that it isn't convenient. You need to find regular glue, not a glue stick, I mean we are in the 21st century who even has Elmer's glue? Once the glue is found it then needs to be spread, causing a mess. Then, apply the glitter which requires actually a lot more glitter than desired just so that it gets over all desired regions of the project. After that is applied one needs to have an area to shake off any excess glitter and figure out how to not waist the extra glitter and fit it all back into the small whole provided in the container of glitter for the glitter to fall out of, obviously not to go back into in order to conserve.

When GLITTER GLUE came out, I thought the world was about to end because it was too good to be true. I mean it would cut out all the tedious stages and move strait from start to finish without the hassle.


If it actually worked how it has potential to, it would change my world. However, it has only made me more frustrated than the old fashioned way. The glitter glue never can be used after a first use because it gets all plugged. It also is very hard to manipulate where you need it. Then this supposed god send takes three times longer to dry than regular glue with regular glitter.

Maybe I should steer clear of any tipe of glitter because it obviously doesn't do me nor my stress level any good.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


What's "fer" dinner?

I'm going to the zoo "fer" the day.

What you doing that "fer"?

What's that look "fer"?

Did we need a works cited "fer" that paper?

What are you getting her "fer" Christmas?

I've been sick "fer" the past three days?

The phones "fer" you.

I know I am a culprit of saying this myself. But why do we do it? Is it an Arizona thing? It sounds like we have thrown one word from the southern drawl into our accent. If one why not all, or if just one why any at all?

Do you use "fer"?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


You pretty much can't get cuter than this!!!

Rachel Is 1 Month Old!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas all over my hands!!!

We all know that I love Christmas. Always have, always will.

(Oh, The dreaded day before...the anxiety!)

It makes me happy. There are not many times when I can say that I am truly happy, one hundred percent, no disillusions, just happy. That may sound like I am a un happy person, however, if you look at your life you can be happy many times but to be unadulteratedly happy is different and is far less common. This happiness comes to me at christmas time.

(Really, does it look like there could be a happier girl in the world?)

This is why I love Christmas. I can be unadulteratedly happy.

(The festivities are getting started and you can see it in my face.)

Thinking of the sacrifice that Christ made for me and the abounding love that He has for me makes me feel...warm, full, and cozy inside. I love being able to listen to Christmas music that celebrates Christ's life and love for us.
(Come on mom, how did you let me wear that?)

This is also a time in my life that I have been able to see, physically, the love that my family has for me. My family isn't the most outgoing when it comes to mushy stuff. No hugs or kisses. "I love you" is very seldom to be stated. We just don't do those endearing acts because it is a given fact; I love you. Why say it? So, during Christmas when we get to think about each other in a more personal way, thinking of things that hold special meaning one to another, makes me see with an outward gesture that my family loves and appreciates me.

These are just two small reasons that I love Christmas and Love this soap that makes me have Christmas all over my hands when ever I want, anytime of the year.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"...starving children in Africa..."

I remember always hearing "you are wasting that food when there are starving children in this world ?"

That is the the reason I don't like left-overs. They make me feel guilty. I feel guilt of throwing them out in the first place so, I keep them. Then after they have completely turned rancid in the fridge, I feel horrid that I didn't eat them. But, I am not responsible for any cooking at this point in my
life (yeah college life) so I am technically off the hook.

Poor Poor Poor Mothers!!!

I for one am glad that I am not a mother.

What the heck would I do with all those left-overs? I don't like left-overs (with the exception of restaurant left-overs). I don't like inventions made out of left-overs. I don't like to feel guilty for eating something new when there are more than a dozen Tupperware bowls filled with leftovers. And, the worst part of left-overs, is that when one decides to throw out everything in those looming tupperwares, the garbage smells so so so bad and sometimes is even leaky!!! YUCK!!!

I will leave the left-overs to all the mothers in the world and hope that I will never have to deal with them...

Waste not...want not!!!