Friday, January 2, 2009

You should see the other guy…

I have an obsession. There is something that bothers me so much that when it is done, I automatically want to step in and fix it. That doesn’t happen for anything else; just this one slight obsession, or fixation rather, or possibly just the object of my happiness.

A tube of toothpaste needs to be squeezed from the end. It needs to be squeezed evenly each morning and night, and when the paste is detached from it’s origin, it needs to be wiped off cleanly, leaving no residue.

When one follows the bolded red letters stating that "FOR BEST RESULTS, SQUEEZE TUBE FROM THE BOTTOM AND FLATTEN AS YOU GO UP" one receives a tube that is beautiful, as follows:
When you don't, you get something a little more like this:

(This example is actually a great improvement, the owner of the second tube shown here, has been taught on many occasions that it is better to have a clean tube.
Hence she has taken steps to improve.)


or even a cap like this:

(not the best picture ever but there is green toothpaste all around and in the cap!!!)

I plead with you all, please jut squeeze it from the bottom and flatten as you go.