Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I've gone green and red

Everything about the Christmas season makes me happy. As we know from a recent post.
So, I took it upon myself to decorate for Christmas. Yes, I know it has yet to pass halloween.
I have, however, decided that I am not a Halloween fan, I would much rather have three months of the Christmas season than one of Halloween and one of thanksgiving.

My motto isn't to just "go green" but to "go green and red!!!"

I have yet to put up the tree but there is a place awaiting the arival of the main focus. We have an old balding fake tree that we have used for 4ish years. Before that, we always had real trees. We have decided to go back to a real tree and infuse our house with the wonderful smell of fresh pine. This, however, is a feat since trees don't last too long. We have decided to get a tree from a nursery and plant it after Christmas but even a potted plant, will it survive the inside for that long?

Well, we shall just have to wait and see. But either way, I think I want to put tinsel on the tree. I always thought it was tacky, but I love how it looks in that picture of my childhood. I don't know though...?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Two of my favorite things

I love few things in this world.
The majority of the things on my love list are things that are unconditional, like my family. Anything else on the list, has had to make it through the thick barbed wire wall around my heart and has to work hard to stay in there.
Two of those things that have made it in and have never been kicked out....

Christmas Time


Cabbage Patch Dolls

Without a doubt, these two loves of mine could make me happy on the worst of days.
Why do I love these things? Let's look into this a little more...

Christmas time has many variables of happiness:
  • MUSIC- Constant Christmas music. For the most part Christmas music brings up Christ and his birth. I love the fact that living in the world we do, we can still hear about Christ as we drive to work and school. The few that don't mention Christ but focus on Santa are still happy because they stir up memories of a childhood that was so much more simple than "adult" life.
  • SMELL- There are so many smells that are equated with Christmas. First and foremost, the smell of a fresh pine tree (just pretending to breath it in makes me fill with happiness). Peppermint is readily abundant during the Christmas season; it is put in baked goods, Starbucks hot chocolate, my bath and body works hand soap, candles... Pumpkin spice in a pie or in scented candles makes me feel warm and tingly inside. I could go on and on...
  • CHIMES - the sound of giving and the official start of the season is when there are people standing out side the grocery store with a bell and a red hanging bucket collecting donations for the salvation army.
  • GIVING- I love finding things that are special and meaningful to give those I love. It is fun to think of something unique that my siblings will get a kick out of. I also love being able to help those who are struggling {When I was a junior in High school, I was in charge of getting the gifts for a family that we adopted for Christmas. My good friend Camille and I went shopping with the donated money and we picked out things that we thought each of the children would like and need. We then wrapped them and delivered them. That was one of the most gratifying moments of my life. To see the love that this family felt for those who were willing to extend a helping hand. The smiles on their faces were priceless.}
  • COLD - It never really gets cold here in Arizona, but for a full blood Arizonan who has never lived in a cooler climate, it is amazingly cold when it gets 50 degrees F out side. That is the one time of the year that I can use my cute coats, scarves, long sleeved shirts, and boots. (which consists of more than half of my wardrobe. You would think that since there are more summer months than winter ones, I would have more summer clothes, but alas I love my winter clothes!)

Cabbage patch dolls:
  • SMELL - I don't know why, but cabbage patch dolls have a distinct aroma that fills my soul with happiness.
  • CUTENESS - just look at that doll, how cute is that.
  • NOSTALGIA - I always had one of these as a child. {except for the brief period that one got its head ran over. Michael, my older brother, sneakily took my doll and put it under the tire of my dad's parked car. The next time my dad left, he ran over the poor things head. Thanks Michael!}
So, needless to say, if any one or anything wants to get into my heart they have to equal up to Christmas and cabbage patch dolls.